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Everything we do at IN Worship is possible because of your financial support. Help us continue to offer conferences, seminars, and in-depth Bible studies designed to cultivate a Biblical worldview. You may make a one-time donation, or set up a monthly donation subscription by following the instructions below. Your ongoing prayers and financial support are always greatly appreciated!


Make a one-time donation to IN Worship

Making a one-time donation using your credit card or PayPal account is very easy. Simply fill in the amount of your donation and click the DONATE button. You will then complete your donation through PayPal's secure payment processing website. We sincerely appreciate your support and commitment to IN Worship!


Make a Monthly Donation

Please consider supporting IN Worship with a regularly monthly donation. Simply select the amount you are comfortable with and PayPal takes care of making your monthly donation to IN Worship using the payment method you prefer. Even a small donation of $10/month can really help expand the ministry of IN Worship. You can easily modify or stop your monthly donations at any time.

Please note: PayPal will refer to your monthly donations as a "Subscription" to IN Worship. Select the option to the right that best fits your desired donation, identify the amount you wish to donate each month , then click the DONATE button. A secure PayPal web page will quickly guide you through the simple steps to complete the registration process. We sincerely appreciate your support and commitment to IN Worship. Remember, you can always modify or stop your monthly donation at any time (see below).


Mail your contribution to IN Worship

If you prefer, you can always send a contribution directly to IN Worship. Please make checks payable to IN Worship, and mail to our address listed below. We sincerely appreciate your support!

IN Worship
PO Box 9611
Mobile, AL 36691



If you have questions or need additional information about making a contribution to IN Worship, please feel free to contact us.

IN Worship is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. For more information, please contact us.



MODIFY or STOP Your Monthly Donation (Subscription)

To change or stop your monthly donation to IN Worship, you must cancel your current "subscription." If you have a PayPay account, please follow the instructions from PayPal. If you are not sure you have a PayPal account or are not sure how to access it, please contact us and we will be happy to change or cancel your subscription for you.

If you want to MODIFY your monthly level of contribution to IN Worship, you will need to cancel your current subscription through PayPal (see above), and then create a new subscription with the new monthly level of contribution you want to make.

If you choose to stop your monthly donation, we hope you will prayerfully reconsider your support for IN Worship again at some time in the future.











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