Established to Impact the World for Christ Everyday, IN Worship is a ministry of media and worship events, including television, radio, conferences, seminars, and in-depth bible studies.


Women IN Worship

Women IN Worship is a Bible-teaching worship event designed specifically to impact women for Christ, worldwide, everyday. For over a decade, the Women IN Worship conference has served to catapult women into a new year of exhilarating Bible study, and growing relationships with other women of faith. The 2019 Women IN Worship retreat is February 1-2, 2019, at Perdido Beach Resort in Orange Beach, ALLEARN MORE


Tuesday Church

Tuesday church is a 2-hour session of corporate worship and inductive Bible teaching. The morning session is from 10:00am–12:00pm. The evening session is 5:45pm–7:45pm. Currently, the classes are held at Cottage Hill Baptist Church. Tuesday Church also offers special help sessions in training in the inductive method of studying the Bible. Contact us for more information.


Worldview Weekend

Worldview weekend is a weekend of seminars centered around world events, with the goal of cultivating a Biblical worldview in regard to them. The sessions begin on Friday evening and go through 3pm on Saturday afternoon. The sessions are lead by gifted Bible teachers and historians from around the world. Contact us for information of upcoming worldview events.


GNOSIS Summer Camp

This BIBLE INTENSIVE RETREAT for students, grade 7 though college, is great for students who desire a deeper KNOWLEDGE of GOD'S TRUTH and a better understanding of the power it can have in their lives. GNOSIS is different from other retreats because we offer an opportunity to students and parents to explore God's Word together. GNOSIS — a Greek word meaning KNOWLEDGE — is central to equipping young people to be better prepared to address from a biblical perspective the tough questions we all wrestle with in today's culture of "acceptance."


Young Women IN Worship

Young Women IN Worship is a summer retreat established and structured to help young women, ages 14-25, cultivate a biblical worldview. Areas of study include, Biblical Studies, Leadership, Artist Development, and Cultural Analysis. It’s the perfect opportunity for caring women to gather up a group of girls and head for the beach! Because we are at the beach, no girl will be allowed to come alone, but must come with at least 2 more friends, or one mentor. Moms and female mentors are also invited and encouraged to retreat alongside the young women they are sending.


Boyz IN Worship

BOYZ IN Worship is a HIGH ENERGY summer retreat established and structured to help boys, ages 12-17, cultivate a biblical worldview. Inductive Bible studies, illustrated sermons, role playing, mentoring, role modeling take center stage as the young men, along with their dad, granddad, and mentors, learn and grow together in areas of biblical manhood.



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