Below is a list of common questions and answers about the Women IN Worship conference.

Do I have to wear a hat to the Brunch & Tea?

Although not required, many women wear hats when taking tea. Alicia? Well, she almost always wears a hat to this special event.

Q. Is the Women IN Worship conference a music conference?

Women IN Worship is a Bible teaching conference for women. The primary purpose of the conference is to encourage women in a relationship with God, through the study of His word. “Worship, in its total essence is a RESPONSE TO TRUTH”. God’s word is truth! The conference music is always over the top, and a great compliment to the extraordinary Bible teaching.

What is the age demographic of ladies who attend the Women IN Worship Conference?

There is a broad age range of women who attend the conference, from college (or younger) and up. Alicia has taught at the college level, performs and speaks at numerous conferences each year, and teaches the Tuesday Church inductive Bible study, so her appeal is wide-reaching and women of all ages and all cultural backgrounds connect with her passionate, energetic and inspiring style.

What do I wear?

If you're married, tell your husband you'd like a new outfit to wear. If you're single, go get one. If you are not able to get one, just wear what you have. Seriously, the Women IN Worship conference is a casual gathering and you should feel comfortable. Modesty will always be right and best.

Is there a package deal on conference tickets and hotel?

Women IN Worship does not offer a special package deal for tickets and hotel reservations. Tickets for the event may be purchased through our website, or by calling our office at (251)461-0825, or by mailing a check to our office at PO BOX 9611, Mobile, AL 36691. Please include the best phone number(s) and E-mail address on the check so that we can confirm your registration.

Details for making hotel reservations to come.

Can my church host a Women IN Worship Conference?

Absolutely! It is our dream to have Women IN Worship conferences throughout the country. We believe that engaging believers in a lifestyle of true worship is the foundation for fulfilled living. If you know of a church that would be interested in hosting a Women IN Worship event, please have someone from the church contact us to discuss the opportunity further.












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