Welcome to Buckeye Lawn & Landscaping and O'Heil Irrigation Company!

We are a company here to meet all of your Home, Business and Commercial needs! We offer many services performed at a professional level to sustain and exceed your desires in lawn-care!


Home Owners

How many of you can't find the time to get your yard taken care of to the fullest extent?

Thankfully, we have the time and know-how to give your lawn the maintenance and care it deserves!

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Landscape and Hardscape

Are you in search of that elegant touch to decorate your lawn area and give you a new, refreshing look?

Do you want an updated or remodeled existing landscape and hardscape?

Our Landscape and Hardscape Design offers many unique options to make your visions a reality! Whether it be a exquisite patio for hosting events or a new garden area, we are confident that Buckeye can accommodate you!

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Sprinkler Systems

Considering the busy times in which we live, are you annoyed from forgetting time after time to water your yard?

We have selections that can customize a sprinkler system designed to water your yard when and where you want it to happen!

Relieving the stress of remembering is only one click away! CLICK HERE today for more details on Sprinkler System Options!


Do you have water collecting in, on or around your home or property?

Our irrigation services have a wide variety of options that can clear and prevent the water build from occurring again!

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Lawn Care

The rough weather has destroyed your yard and you'd love to have a healthy yard, right?

We offer fertilization services and that may be exactly what you need!

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Commercial Properties and Businesses

Are you tired of relying on multiple companies to help maintain your community or business property?

How would you like to be able to call one company that operates at a consistent, professional level designed to do the job how you want it?

To learn more about our Site System Solutions to meet all of your Commercial and Business property needs, CLICK HERE !